About Road to Refuge

Road to Refuge is a volunteer, not-for-profit organisation that that runs community education events, workshops and other platforms about asylum seekers and refugees in Australia, alongside our interactive web program.

The Road to Refuge web program is an educational and interactive website that allows you to make choices for a fictional asylum seeker along their journey from country of origin to Australia. It features an opinion panel, allowing you to juxtapose your experience with the opinions of respected figures in the asylum seeker debate. The Learn More page is a regularly updated information hub about asylum seekers. The website is designed for both high school students and adults.

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Road to Refuge shines a light on the complexity of seeking asylum and empowers Australians to make their own minds up about asylum seekers and refugees.

Brad Chilcott, Welcome to Australia Director

Welcome To Australia

Eddie Maguire once said, "When you dehumanise a person you can get away with anything." Road to Refuge is a brilliant tool for re-humanising the people behind the slogans, numbers, politicking and policies that make up Australia's asylum seeker debate. Australia can be a nation known for its compassion, welcome and fairness, but this will happen when everyday Aussies expand their concept of "us" to include those who arrive on our shores asking to share the safety and opportunity we enjoy. Encouraging your family and friends to take a Road to Refuge journey will help us build that kind of Australia together.

Julian Burnside

Julian Burnside, QC

Road to Refuge is an excellent resource that’s been thoroughly researched and structured to engage users from all corners of the community. I strongly endorse the use of Road to Refuge as a balanced and thought provoking education resource.

Heritier Lumumba Photo by Damian Vincenzi

Heritier Lumumba, Collingwood Football Player

Road to Refuge allows you to find out about the real human choices asylum seekers are faced with. It is easy to be an armchair critic and arguments for and against 'boat people' can easily be formulated, however we often forget that these people are human beings, like you and me.

The website was heavily influenced by hearing stories of asylum seekers in the community and in detention over many years. Road to Refuge provides a unique insight into those real stories about what drove asylum seekers out of their homes and along a journey they never wanted to take, faced with decisions they never wanted to make.

Walk in their shoes and see the world through their eyes. Play around with it and see what you would do. I know what I would do.

Right Now Inc

Right Now Inc

Road to Refuge is sure to become a vital tool in engaging and educating the Australian public. It’s also a welcome breath of fresh air (and humanity) amidst a morally bankrupt political landscape.

Right Now’s full review of Road to Refuge can be found here

Edmund Rice Centre ‘Amberley’

Edmund Rice Centre ‘Amberley’

Road to Refuge is an excellent resource for the public, students and those who want to learn more about the topic of asylum seekers and refugees. Through a simple and easy to follow lay out, Road to Refuge offers users control of their journey as they follow one fictional characters’ story in their hope to reach safety. As the stories are based on personal accounts, Road to Refuge brings with it an honesty that is backed up by an opinion panel at certain stages of the journey. It is effective because it focuses on the human story at the heart of the refugee experience which is so often missing from debates about refugees and asylum seekers in Australia.